Andatech offers a range of drug and alcohol test devices suitable for both consumer and workplace use. Their alcohol breath testers and drug test kits meet Australian Standards requirements and are used widely for a range of applications. This includes personal use, workplace employee testing, law enforcement and medical use.

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Personal Breathalyzers

Browse the widest range of Australian Standards AS3547 Certified breathalysers for personal use. User-friendly and suitable for all ages, young or old.

Workplace Breathalyzers

Handheld alcohol testers with data storage, data upload, printer capabilities, GPS location tracking and more. Ideal for workplace and medical use.

Wallmounted Breathalyzers

Alcohol breath testers suitable for installation at entry-points, work sites and licensed alcohol venues. Custom options available for facial recognition, key management, cash and cashless payment, WIFI, data upload and more.

Drug Test Kits

Urine and saliva drug test kits for home personal use and workplace drug testing. Our drug testing kits are easy to use and can test up to 11 drug groups and even alcohol.