Inspection and Maintenance

Our technical services team have been providing inspection, testing and maintenance services to the Asia region since the company’s formation in the early 90’s. We have a stock of common spare parts for major brands such as Ansul, Saval, Imperial, Red Head, Armtex etc.

Our technicians are trained to NFPA and NZQA qualifications and undertake specialist training by various manufacturing companies. Our services are delivered in accordance with guidelines such as NFPA, AS/NZS, CGA, ISO, TIS, and British Standards.

We offer our services both on site and at our workshop in Mab Ta Phut for all makes and models of fixed and mobile fire and safety systems.

Our on-site based services include

  • Fire hydrant flow testing
  • Fire ring main flushing
  • Fire pump inspection
  • Spray and deluge systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Foam systems
  • Hydrants and monitors
  • Foam carts
  • Waterway equipment, hoses, nozzles
  • Fire trucks, foam tenders, quick attack vehicles, trailered monitors
Our workshop in Mab Ta Phut is equipped with specialist equipment to conduct services such as;
  • Hydrostatic testing of breathing air cylinders, extinguishers, extinguisher cartridges, fire hose, umbilical hose and air hoses to international standards. Our machines can test up to 10,000psi.

  • Filling facilities for Dry Chemical Powder, Foam, Water and C02 extinguishers including the C02 and N2 cartridges.

  • Inspection and parts replacement of self-contained and air-line breathing apparatus

  • Refill breathing air cylinders up to 10ltr capacity

  • Repair waterway equipment such as portable monitors, nozzles, gated Wyes, Foam inductors, trailered monitors

  • Fire hose coupling fitting – NH, BI and Stortz up to 12”

  • Fire truck pump and foam systems inspection including FireDos systems

  • Foam concentrate testing. laboratory testing is conducted by a 3rd party

Our engineering team provide design and installation services for fire suppression systems as well as providing supervision and assurance when others are performing the installation.