24-Hour Emergency Response

HOTLINE: +66 99 003 0873

The KRP Worldwide 24-hour Emergency Response Hotline is certainly the number to call in case of serious emergencies. Fast and well-coordinated responses to fires, explosions and chemical spills are crucial to minimizing business impact.

Response Time to Emergency Situations is Crucial

Together with our global partners in, we can provide a part-time and full-time 24/7 Emergency response.

KRP specialises in all major hazard categories such as fires, explosions, spills and medical emergencies.

Email us to learn more about how the 24-hour Emergency Response Hotline can help give your company, peace of mind.

Why Is KRP the Best Choice?

Our highly trained emergency response hotline staff know who to call and how to coordinate a fast response.

Our Emergency Managers will understand your unique requirements, tailoring the most effective response.

As a 24/7 Emergency Response Hotline, the team is available to provide emergency management at all times.

We will ensure the correct level of response and coordinate it together with local fire and medical responders.

In the EEC (Rayong and Chonburi province) industrial corridor, emergency situations can quickly spiral out of control.

Be certain to have a well coordinated response.

We Can Also Be Available to Support & Coach During Planned Drills

Our team comes fully trained in the risk scenarios associated with your business.

The KRP Emergency Response Team know the EEC well. We know all the local emergency responders. During our initial discussions with your people, we will learn your hazards.

This allows you to carry on managing your business with peace of mind that your people, the environment, your assets and your reputation are safe.

Please look at our Fire Consulting page for more information on these and other professional services.