Fire & Emergency Management Consulting

Fire and Safety Consulting

The KRP team of Fire & Emergency Management Consultants have been employed by some of the world’s largest companies.

The team has over 80 years of combined experience globally. We specialize in many industry sectors but mostly focused on the more hazardous industries.

The KRP team includes past and present industrial and municipal Chief Fire Officers, Emergency Managers, Health and Safety Managers and engineers.

As independent fire safety systems, risk and emergency management, health and safety specialists we assist our customers with understanding requirements, guidelines, codes and practices and where improvements can be made to add value to their organisation.

The KRP team include past and present industrial and municipal Chief Fire Officers, Emergency Managers, Health and Safety Managers and engineers who offer a full suite of services and systems developed from many years of experience.

As emergency events are becoming less frequent, it is critically important that equipment, systems and the people are ready first time – every time and that the documentation process is clear and simple.

By ensuring the right systems, equipment and people are in place, provides company owners confidence that response times are reduced, therefore limiting damage and increasing recovery time.

We do this by applying our 7 step review and assessment process that ensures all dimensions of an emergency event are well understood and the appropriate measures are in place to effectively and safely manage any situation.

KRP’s 7-Step Review & Assessment

KRP 7-Step Review and Assessment

How Do Our Clients Benefit?

  • Improved Business Continuity – fewer unplanned business interruptions
  • Lower insurance premiums and other preventable costs
  • Better Reputation with customers and other stakeholders
  • Happier, healthier and more productive employees

The right fire & safety management systems, equipment and people ensure company owners can have confidence that response times reduce, limiting asset damage and increasing recovery time.

Our scope of services includes both the assessment and/or development of;

  • Fire safety systems, emergency management and response assessments

  • Fire safety, emergency management and response philosophies

  • Emergency response manuals and plans

  • Pre-Incident and tactical plans

  • Drill and exercise programmes

  • Fleet development and management plans

  • Foam management plans

  • Preventative inspection and maintenance schedules

  • Emergency Response equipment selection, inspections and maintenance

  • Incident investigation

  • Crisis & emergency management organisations

  • Process Technical Safety & Risk Management

  • Process Hazard analysis and Identification

  • Hazardous Area Classification

  • Mitigation and preventive safety measures design

  • Facility siting


Our engineering and technical services team have been providing services to the Asia region since the company’s formation in the early ’90s.

We provide engineering services for brownfield and greenfield projects, the re-design of existing systems and on-site tests.Furthermore, equipment inspection and maintenance services provided by our fully equipped workshop in Rayong, Thailand.

Our Technical Services team can provide:
  • Water, foam and specialist chemicals fire protection systems design
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and re-filling (Dry Chemical, CO2, Water, Foam)
  • Pressure cylinder Hydrostatic testing up to 10,000psi
  • High-pressure hose Hydrostatic testing up to 10,000psi
  • SCBA and Air Compressor servicing
  • Inspection and maintenance of fixed fire equipment for both on and offshore facilities
  • Mobile equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Fire hose repair
  • Fire main flow testing
  • Firetruck inspection and testing
  • Breath Alcohol equipment calibration