Client Testimonials

Chifeng LXML Sepon

20th September 2020

Chifeng LXML Sepon, a long term gold and copper mine operation in Laos PDR, have utilised the services of
Kiwi Resource Protection Co., Ltd on multiple occaissions over the past two and a half years. KRP came highly
recommended from industry peers who had previously worked with their leadership and personnel.
LXML primarily engaged KRP to provide industry best standard fire and rescue training, at their ISO certified
training facility, for our Emergency Response Team members. The initial training provided was of the highest
level and was delivered seamlessly across the language barrier in a succinct manner, with all disciplines covered
to augment our SERT teams skills to the next level. Subsequently LXML engaged KRP to provide a further set of
entry level courses for our volunteer based personnel, and advanced training for LXML instructor based
personnel to add to the onsite training continuum.
LXML also utilise the extensive global network that KRP have to supply industry best standard Emergency
Response and Rescue equipment for our operation at extremely competitive costs.
KRP personnel have attended LXML Sepon site on several occaissions and are well aware of the requirements
and nuances of our operation. These site based visits have resulted in KRP providing practical advice for our ER
and rescue applications, culminating in efficiency gains and real cost savings for our operation.
LXML Sepon will continue to utilise the world class professional services of KRP and definitely recommend them
and their services to other global mining and oil and gas operations.

Mike Lockwood
Specialist Technical Advisor
Emergency Response, Security & Significant Investigations
LXML Sepon
Laos PDR